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Nov 12, 2021

I was asked by a fellow crocheter to design a colorful hummingbird rug pattern as her best friend has been battling cancer and she wants to make her something special for Christmas this year. While…


Oct 30, 2021

With the Holiday season just around the corner, I thought to share some Christmas gift ideas you can make from my book of Crochet Animal Slippers. The best part of making these slippers is that you…


May 18, 2021

Your Crochet Animal Slippers will last longer and will keep their shape if they are washed by hand. While some slippers are safe to wash on a low temperature gentle cycle, I highly encourage you no…


May 04, 2021

If you made an area rug using one of my Quilting Patterns, you can easily add a non-slip lining to prevent it from sliding on a slippery floor. I already wrote about Removable Non-Slip Lining for…

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