Jelly Roll Animal Quilts Book by Ira Rott

Introducing My New Book - Jelly Roll Animal Quilts

I am over the moon to unveil my 4th book with David & Charles and my first ever quilting book – Jelly Roll Animal Quilts!! After a whole year of dedicated work (designing, quilting, writing, testing, photographing, tech editing...etc.), we've created a fantastic book packed with beautiful pictures, quilting diagrams and clear instructions. I hope these cute designs will make you smile!

While I'm absolutely thrilled with all the animals I created, I just had to give the spotlight to the Enchanting Elephant on the cover as it takes my popular Josefina and Jeffery design to a whole new level of awesomeness! You can choose to make your elephant with monochrome ears or create colorful ears in a rainbow gradient. Scrappy ears will also look fantastic if you want to get creative with fabric strips from your Jelly Roll collection. I can't wait to see your creative magic!

Jelly Roll Animal Quilts by IraRott

We've put together 9 animal themes (Bear, Owl, Dog, Cat, Raccoon, Fox, Elephant, Ladybug, and Frog) with several coordinating projects for each animal, giving you over 40 options to create! Make everything from big quilts to funky area rugs, wall hangings, placemats, mug rugs, and more. In addition, you can mix and match blocks from different animals to create your own animal quilts. The Cuddly Bear holds a special place in my heart; it's so lovable and huggable, it will make you want to hibernate.

The Cuddly Bear Jelly Roll Animal Quilt by Ira Rott

All animal quilts in this book are made from precut 2-1⁄2in fabric strips that are sub-cut into rectangles, and then turned into 60° shapes by trimming corners in a special way. You can use your Jelly Rolls, Design Rolls, Roll-Ups, Rolie Polies, Pinwheels, Strip Packs, Strip Sets or cut your own fun strip bundles. You will also need some fabrics by the yard (at least 42in wide) for backings, backgrounds, and bindings. For the projects in this book, I used Patrick Lose and Northcott fabrics, the home of “cottons that feel like silk”.

Jelly Roll Animal Quilts by IraRott

When it comes to threads, choose what makes you happy! A 50wt thread is perfect for piecing and quilting, being the top choice among quilters. If you want your quilting stitches to stand out more, you can use a 40wt thread for quilting. I truly enjoy Aurifil cotton threads, which I used for all projects in my book.

Jadybug Quilt Stitched With Aurifil Thread 

Hold up, don't forget about batting. You can opt for 100% cotton batting or an 80/20 cotton-poly blend - both are fab choices! Just try to avoid polyester battings as some projects require a hot iron. All quilts in this book are made using Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 as it offers more loft and less weight than traditional cotton batting. Some smaller projects will perform well with 100% natural cotton batting.

Here's another quilt I adore so much that I just couldn't resist giving you a sneak peek! This theme is a remix of my Sassy The Kitty design, but with a whole bunch of awesome upgrades!

When you’re feeling a little sassy, all you need is a feline friend and a cozy quilt, because anything is possible with a cat best friend.

Jelly Roll Animal Quilts Book - Cat 

I am delighted to announce that "Jelly Roll Animal Quilts" is now available for pre-order across multiple platforms and will start shipping April 2, 2024! You can choose your favorite place from the list below, or check out your local fabric stores for additional options.  

 I'm so grateful for all your support with my previous books and I hope you'll have a blast with this one too!

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