My Charming Smiling Heart and Eco-Friendly Crochet Hooks

My Charming Smiling Heart and Eco-Friendly Crochet Hooks

Spice up your Valentine's Day with a charming smiling heart and give your sweetheart a reason to smile as well. Here is another delightful variation of my Cupid’s Heart Amigurumi (free crochet pattern), made using a sport weight yarn (2) Amigurumi Sparkle by Circulo and a 3 mm Kinki Amibari crochet hook. You will also need a pair of 12 mm safety eyes and a small piece of black yarn for the mouth. 

Here are a few little tips on where to install the eyes:

  • Using my Cupid’s Heart pattern, work the heart from the beginning to Rnd 20.
  • Install the eyes on the front of the heart 3 rounds above the edge and 11-12 sts apart.

Installing Safety Eyes into Amigurumi Heart

  • Work another 8 rounds and stuff the heart as you go.
  • Thread the needle with black yarn and V-stitch a smile between the eyes, about 1 round below them. 
  • Finish the bottom tip of the heart as described in the pattern and weave in the end.

Crochet Amigurumi Heart Pattern With Eyes and Smile

A nifty little technique I enjoy when making amigurumi is using invisible decreases instead of the traditional sc2tog. This not only makes decreases less noticeable, but also results in a smoother shaping without holes.

This charming little heart is overflowing with joy and cuteness, it's just so adorable and exciting! I hope you'll have a blast creating it.

Cupid's Heart Crochet Amigurumi With Eyes and Smile

You might have noticed me using SeeKnit crochet hooks for quite some time as I began expanding my collection about a year ago. After years of investing in ergonomic crochet hooks with soft grip rubber handles (which get sticky and unusable over time), I've decided to search for more natural lightweight hooks that would never get greasy. The Koshitsu grips won me over with their warm, organic feel (not the typical cold metal or plastic). I couldn't resist their charm from the very first try. Because I'm absolutely obsessed with these eco-friendly crochet hooks from Japan, we now offer a selection of bamboo hooks on our website, making it easy for you to try them out and fall in love with them just like I did.

Encased in a beautiful Cherry Blossom Pink fabric case or Dragonfly Red fabric case, Kinki Amibari's SeeKnit Koshitsu sets include 7 different sizes of hooks with aluminum tips and bamboo grips! Plus, you can save 10% on one of these hook sets when you buy it together with any of my books!

Kinki Amibari SeeKnit Koshitsu Crochet Hook Set

Just an FYI, “Koshitsu” is a product that has achieved a smoother surface and longer lasting durability through a high temperature, pressure treatment and a treatment with natural plant wax. Bamboo that grows in Japan is especially hard and resilient, reinforced by fibers called fibrovascular bundles, giving it excellent luster. Bamboo is a renewable resource as it grows extremely quickly. 

If you're not ready to commit to a full set yet, there are some choices for single hooks with bamboo handles and tips or bamboo handles and aluminum tips. Both are wonderful choices! 

Kinki Amibari SeeKnit Koshitsu Crochet Hooks with Aluminum Tips

Kinki Amibari SeeKnit Koshitsu Crochet Hooks with Bamboo Tips

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