Crochet Animal Slippers

Create animal slippers for the whole family, with this NEW collection of my crochet patterns. First choose your slipper type – slide, shoe or boot – then choose your size, and finally choose one of 20 different animal designs – the Snuggly Pug, the Cuddly Bear, the Happy Penguin, the Zingy Dinosaur, the Starry Unicorn, the Rock 'n' Roll Panda, the Sleepy Koala, the Mossy Sloth. the Graceful Elephant, the Playful Pig, the Mischievous Raccoon, the Cheeky Monkey, the Woolly Sheep, the Sandy Turtle, the Sassy Cat, the Hippie Llama, the Brave Moose, the Artful Fox, the Friendly Cow, and the Roaring Lion. 

You can now order my new book through your favourite platforms or using my affiliate links:, Amazon USAmazon CA.

Available languages: English, German, French, Czech, Dutch, Swedish. 

Crochet Animal Slippers Book by Ira Rott   


Crochet Animal Rugs

Get creative and transform your child’s room into a magical modern bedroom inspired by animals - Elephants, Monkeys, Dinosaurs, Cats, Crabs, Giraffes, Pandas! Crochet rugs are the perfect place for your children to read and play. They make a great conversation piece with a unique style. This collection of animal rugs includes adorable matching pillows and other coordinating accessories that will bring any home to life. With accessories ranging from security blankets to stool covers, bed book tidies, placemats and toy bags. The book features 21 animal-themed patterns. 

You can purchase this book through your favourite local and online shops, or using my affiliate links:, Amazon USAmazon CA.

Available languages: English, Estonian, Korean. 

Crochet Animal Rugs Book - English  Heegeldatud Loomavaibad Ira Rott   

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