Zingy Dinosaur Hat

Zingy Dinosaur Hat

All dino-fans will enjoy wearing this Zingy Triceratops hat, a prehistoric pal that warms your heart with its presence. I’m over the moon about how this hat turned out and I’m so excited to share my new crochet pattern with you – Zingy Dinosaur Hat!!

Zingy Dinosaur Triceratops Hat Crochet Pattern Zingy Dinosaur Triceratops Hat Crochet Pattern

Zingy Dinosaur Triceratops Hat Crochet Pattern

With only a few facial features and some exciting textured stitches, Zingy Dinosaur hat is so much fun to crochet and easy to assemble. This pattern is suitable for confident beginners, all you need to know is how to chain, slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, back/front post double crochet, make a popcorn stitch, work in rows and the round, increase, decrease, and and hand-sew. All special stitches and techniques are described in the patterns, so you don’t have to search for anything online.

This pattern comes in 6 sizes ranging from babies to adults, making it easy to keep your ceratopsians warm and cozy. You can crochet your hat with earflaps and ties, or finish it as a beanie using your favorite colors. 

Zingy Dinosaur Hat Zingy Dinosaur Hat

Kudos to my friend Courtney Knorr…what a great hat she made from my new pattern, using hand dyed yarns by Yarn Baby and Leither Collection! Indie yarns have never ceases to amaze me, you can make nearly anything from luxury yarns…even whimsical crochet hats!

Zingy Dinosaur Hat from Hand Dyed Yarn

What about self-striping yarns? Yes please! Check out this fabulous hat made by out testing team member Ashley Smith Jamieson. Ashley used Red Heart Super Saver Retro Stripes and she didn’t alter the way it came off the skein. The back of the frill is more blue & green hues, which looks so amazing!

Zingy Dinosaur Hat From Self-Striping Yarn Zingy Dinosaur Hat From Self-Striping Yarn Zingy Dinosaur Hat From Self-Striping Yarn

It’s ok to be a dinosaur if some days you feel like a dinosaur. Melinda Dickie made the cutest triceratops hat for her grandson, and this little Dino steals his Nanny’s heart on a daily basis.

Zingy Dinosaur Hat

I hope you enjoy making this hat and I can’t wait to see your Zingy Dinos!

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