Huggles The Hedgehog

Huggles The Hedgehog

Are you ready for some hedge-hugs? Introducing my new design – Huggles The Hedgehog, a soft and cuddly hat that will snuggle your ears, keeping them warm.

No matter your age, a cute hedgehog hat can be the reason someone smiles today. This pattern comes in 6 sizes ranging from babies to adults, so you can keep your array warm and cozy.

Hedgehog Crochet Hat Pattern

What hedgehog doesn’t like mushrooms? You can make a few fungi in your favorite colors and add a sweet flower for the final touch. Finish your hat with earflaps and ties, or stop after ribbing for simplicity. The possibilities are boundless.

Crochet Hedgehog Hat With Mushroom Ties

Designing this hat, I used special locked loops that are created in the middle of hdc stitches. The loops appear on the back of the work, so you will be working on the WS to create loops on the RS of your hat. It’s important NOT to substitute hdc-lps with other similar loops, as hdc sts create an essential slant needed to form a symmetrical appearance of the front portion of the hat without loops.

Hdc-lp – Yo and hold the yarn over your index finger. Insert the hook next in st and pass it over and behind the yarn to catch the far side of the working yarn. Pull both strands through the stitch; adjust the size of the loop to fit your finger circumference loosely and release the loop off of your finger; yo and pull through all loops on the hook.

Half Double Crochet Loop Tutorial Half Double Crochet Loop Tutorial

Half Double Crochet Loop Tutorial

Check out this quick video for right and left-handed loops and I hope you give them a try.

Huggles The Hedgehog Crochet Hat Pattern

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