Cuddles The Caring Bear

Cuddles The Caring Bear

It’s December, a great time for sleepovers and family visits. Check out my new backpack pattern – Cuddles The Caring Bear! It’s cute and compact but can easily fit all your essentials for a day trip. The capacity of the bag is 14″ X 14″ (35.5 X 35.5 cm) and the shoulder straps are adjustable from kids to adults sizes.

Cuddles The Caring Bear Crochet Backpack Pattern

Cuddles The Caring Bear has got your back so you can keep the good vibes rolling, just load up the heart-shaped front pocket with sweets and treats to take along for the ride! 

Crochet Teddy Bear Backpack Pattern Crochet Teddy Bear Backpack Pattern

A knit-like texture is created by simply working hdc stitches through the third (back-facing) loops of the row, while the front-facing Vs form this unique look. Check out the video below to see how I do it.

Knit-Like Hdc Stitch Knit-Like Hdc Stitch

Knit-Like Hdc Stitch

 Lining will protect small items from falling out of the bag through the stitches and will prevent your bag from stretching. It can be finished on a simple sewing machine or by hand. A cotton quilting fabric is a great choice, but any similar weight woven fabric is good as well. Try to avoid using stretchy knit fabrics. The pattern includes instructions on how to make the lining, but here is a short video as well.

Fabric Lining For Crochet Bags

The shoulder straps are elegant, but at the same time designed to be practical. They are stabilized with an additional center-pull cord and can be adjusted to the required size using buttons. The handle is also stabilized to prevent stretching.

Crochet Backpack With Adjustable Shoulder Straps


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