Crochet Daisy Block

Crochet Daisy Block

While we are waiting patiently for the release of Crochet Animal Blankets And Blocks on August 9, you can now try something similar before diving into the book – Crochet Daisies Block!! This block is designed as a coordinating addition to the animal blocks from my latest book and is inspired by my favorite flowers – daisies. Download this FREE bonus project at Bookmarked Hub.

Bonus Block For Crochet Animal Blankets And Blocks Book

From this pattern, you can make a cute baby blanket using only 4 daisy blocks or mix this floral block with animal blocks and create various projects from the book. For example, I incorporated my daisies into this farm animal blanket along with the Cow, Sheep, and Bunny blocks.

Crochet Daisy Block Incorporated Into Animal Blanket

I designed the blocks in my book so you could easily mix and match elements from different blocks to create new animals or improvise your fun ideas. For one option, here is a paw-print block I made using the free Daisies Block pattern, but instead of petals, I added sc-circles using pupils from the Dog Block pattern in the book.

Crochet Paw Block and Daisy Block

Last week our granddaughter was visiting us and she wanted to add a rainbow fringe to this block so she could use it as a blanket for her dog at home. We had a lot of fun sorting out small yarn balls and placing them in the right order, counting spaces to see how many tassels we needed, and making colorful tassels. This is a great educational project so you can spend time crafting with your little ones.

Crochet Paw Block and Daisy Block Crochet Paw Block and Daisy Block Crochet Paw Block and Daisy Block


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