Book Smart Kittens

Book Smart Kittens

What in the don't know what to do with your cotton thread collection? No worries, we've got you covered! Why not create some book smart kittens, as you know - cats and books make life purrfectly delightful. Introducing my new super cute bookmark pattern to make your reading time even more pawsome - Sassy The Kitty!

In this pattern I used size 10 DMC Cébélia thread from France - a superior crochet thread made from 3ply combed cotton. During the manufacturing process, this thread is combed, singed by flame, and then double mercerized. Double mercerizing gives it brilliance and strength, which is perfect for crochet bookmarks as you don't even need starching them...simply press with steam and they are ready to use.

If you decide to use other (softer) thread, you can always add some stiffness to your finished project by starching it. Here are some of my favorite Recipes For Stiffening Crochet Projects.  

White Crochet Kitty Bookmark
Using the heart motif from this bookmark pattern, you can also create a lovely banner for your reading nook. Simply make some hearts, then cut a piece of jute cord to the desired length and weave it through the edge spaces of the hearts using a suitable size hook. For more fun, you can change colors in every round of your hearts...this is a great project for using up your yarn scraps!
Crochet Granny Hearts Banner
In addition, you can use thicker yarn to make adorable matching coasters and enjoy warm beverage while reading. Make a heart coaster - 8 1⁄2" x 6" (21.5 x 15.5 cm), or a cat face coaster - 6 1⁄4" x 51⁄2" (16 x 14 cm) using medium weight cotton yarn (4) with a 3.75 mm / 4 mm (F) hook. If you wish, you can even turn the bookmark into a wall hanging by using a thicker yarn with a suitable size hook.
Granny Square Style Crochet Heart Coaster
Crochet Hat Face Coaster
Check out these adorable cat projects by our testing team members. Cynthia Fuller used worsted weight yarn to make a cat with heart applique for her jean sweet and clever! Melinda Dickie made the tail on her bookmark a little shorter and she added white paws and a face patch. So cute! 
Crochet Kitty Cat Applique and Bookmark
I can't wait to see what you make. Happy crafting!!
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