How to Crochet Picot Stitch

Crochet Picot Stitch

Picot is a decorative crochet stitch that creates an elegant pointy edging. It is commonly used in crochet patterns such as snowflakes, doilies, lace borders, shawls, and more.

When making a picot stitch, you are creating a tiny loop by slip-stitching a chain of 3 (or more) into a tiny circle. The patterns will often specify where to slip stitch.

  • If you sl st in last chain from hook, the picot will appear in between the stitches of the row
  • If you sl st through the base of the previously made stitch, the picot will appear on the top of that stitch without shifting to the side

In our patterns, I prefer making picots through the base of the previously made stitches. So, here is how I finish picots through the base of sc stiches (first video below) and through the base of dc stitches (second video below).

Picot – Ch 3, insert the hook under the front loop and the bottom vertical bar of the previously made stitch; yarn over and pull it through all loops on the hook.

Picot Stitch Tutorial by IraRott

Picot Stitch Tutorial by IraRott

And here is the left-handed version of the video:


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