Cat-Moose Transformation

Cat-Moose Transformation

With the Holiday season just around the corner, I thought to share some Christmas gift ideas you can make from my book of Crochet Animal Slippers. The best part of making these slippers is that you can mix and match features from different patterns in the book to make even more different animals. While the possibilities are endless, here is a little cat-moose transformation into adorable reindeer.

Cat-Moose Transformation

What you need:

  • Patterns form Crochet Animal Slippers book
  • Bernat Super Value Yarn: Topaz, Chocolate, Oatmeal, and Red (optional)\
  • Hooks: 4mm (G) and 5mm (H)
  • Buttons: 4 X 10mm for kids sizes or 15mm for adults sizes
  • Stitch markers\
  • Toy Stuffing

How to Mix and Match Patterns:

  • Begin by making your slippers’ base using Topaz color for the upper part and Oatmeal color for the soles. You can choose from 3 different types of slippers listed in the book – Shoes, Boots, or Slides.
  • From the Cat pattern, make 1 muzzle for each slipper using Oatmeal color.
  • From the Moose pattern, make 2 ears for each slipper using Topaz color.
  • Use Red and/or Chocolate colors to make 1 nose for each slipper, following the instructions for short pieces of Antlers in the Moose pattern.
  • From the Moose pattern, make 2 antlers for each slipper using Chocolate color, but instead of 2 short pieces on each antler, use only 1 short piece for your reindeer antlers.
  • Use the reindeer image as a guide to sew features onto your slippers.

Cat-Moose Transformation Cat-Moose Transformation

If you do not have my book yet, you can find it worldwide in many of your favorite book places online and locally, also on my SITE for those who is in Canada and USA. This book has already been translated to German, French, and Czech…and more languages are coming soon.

Cat-Moose Transformation

The Reindeer Slippers pattern is also featured in Simply Crochet magazine (issue 115) in October 2021.

Cat-Moose Transformation

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