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I am a fiber artist and a pattern designer from Southern Ontario, Canada. I love working with yarns, textiles, and other materials to express my ideas. I also enjoy graphic design, which helps to enhance my patterns. Coming from a family of textile engineers, I was surrounded by fabrics and yarns from the time I was born, which made knitting, crocheting, and sewing feel natural to me. My earlier designs include lace doilies, parasols, dresses, skirts, tops, and other garments inspired by spectacular Irish Crochet. At the present time I enjoy creating and writing fun patterns inspired by animals.

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IraRott Inc. is a Canadian company which was registered under Canada Business Corporations Act.

IraRott® is a registered trademark of IraRott inc. (US Registration Numbers: 4656327 & 5804266, Canada Registration Number: TMA914211).

Our Staff:
Pattern Designer - Ira Rott-MacGarvey
Administrator - Maurice MacGarvey
Web Developer - Roman Rott 
Photo & Video Editor - Polina MacGarvey
Technical Editors - Edie Eckman & Teresa Kent
Translators - Judith Schumacher

Pattern Testers & Proofrears - 50+ members


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Crochet Community

Please join IraRott Crafting Community on Facebook to share your finished projects, interact with fellow crocheters, and most importantly - have fun! Our group is for all fibre craft enthusiasts who enjoy IraRott® patterns - crocheters, knitters, quilters...everyone is welcome. We love to see your work and to help each other.

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